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One Must Tell the Bees

“President Lincoln is assassinated in his private box at Ford’s!”

When those harrowing words ring out during a children’s entertainment in Washington on the evening of April 14, 1865, a quick-thinking young chemist from England named Johnnie Holmes grabs Tad Lincoln, the 12-year-old son of the dying President, races the boy to safety and soon finds himself enlisted in the most infamous manhunt in history.

One Must Tell the Bees is the untold story of young Holmes’s journey from the streets of London to the White House of Abraham Lincoln—and his breathtaking pursuit of John Wilkes Booth in the company of a freed slave named Abraham. It is the very first case of the man who would become known to the world as Sherlock Holmes, and, as readers will discover, it will haunt him until his very last.

At a time when Western history is being reexamined and retold, old heroes cast aside and statues torn down, and even the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, “the Great Emancipator,” is questioned, One Must Tell the Bees is a timely reminder that our history deserves to be understood before it is entirely undone.

“Sherlock Holmes in America? An idea as immersive as it is plausible, in Matthews’ skillful hands. This is a compelling, transporting feat of imagination.”

- Jonathan Stone, bestselling author of MOVING DAY

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